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Civil Service Employment Portal

Cattaraugus County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. You can apply by mail, in person or Online for Current Vacancies in Cattaraugus County, Upcoming Exams or Continuous Recruitment Exams.

A non-refundable application processing fee is usually required for exams.

To receive automatic e-mail notification when a specific civil service exam or job announcement will be offered, please register with our automatic e-mail notification service.

How to apply online, by mail or in person.

You can download and print an examination and job application form here.


If you are currently unemployed or receive public assistance please download the Application Fee Waiver Request and Certification Form.

Veterans' Credits

If you are a disabled or non-disabled veteran and wish to claim disabled veteran or non-disabled veteran credits you must supplement your job/exam application. Please review these Instructions to Veterans and be sure to submit an Application for Veteran’s Credit. If claiming Disabled Veterans' credit, be sure to complete (in duplicate) the Authorization for Disability Record and send it to your local Veteran’s Administration.

Scheduled for more than one Exam?

If you are scheduled to take two exams at the same time in two different locations then please fill out and submit the Cross Filer Notification form to us.

Exam Types

OC = Open Competitive - exams open to the public.
PROM = Promotional - exams for current employees.

Exam #
Exam Name (click to view announcement)
Exam Date

CR = Continuous Recruitment - applications are continuously accepted for these titles.

Exam #
Exam Name (click to view announcement)

The Cattaraugus County Department of Human Resources posts current job openings. These openings are posted for a specific period (usually 5 business days), after which they will no longer appear on our website. Applications must be received no later than the time frame specified on the job posting.

In keeping with collective bargaining agreements, current county employees who apply may be considered before applicants outside county service.

Note: competitive class positions (those listed as “provisional”) will be subject to a civil service examination in order to achieve permanent civil service status. All other listed positions will not have a written exam.

Job Name (click to view job description)
Application Deadline