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Civil Service Employment Portal

The Cattaraugus County Department of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining a position classification plan covering all the civil divisions under its jurisdiction which includes the County, towns, villages, school districts, libraries and special districts. Job specifications are formal written statements which define the duties and responsibilities of the job, list typical work activities, specify the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics required for successful performance of the work and identify minimum qualifications required at the time of appointment. Job specifications are not complete descriptions of any single job and cannot and do not include all of the work that might be appropriately performed by an individual in the position. These job specifications are for informational purposes and are subject to modification and updating as needed. Please note that the County and the municipalities are not currently recruiting for all positions. To view information regarding positions with upcoming exams, please click the appropriate category above.

ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR (APA) -CSC - 05.13.2024.pdf
Account Clerk Stenographer.pdf
Account Clerk Typist.pdf
Account Clerk.pdf
Accounts Receivable Specialist (APA) - CSC- 4-22-22 FINAL.pdf
Activity Director.pdf
Administrative Analyst.pdf
Administrative Assistant (School Lunch Program).pdf
Administrative Coordinator - Community Services.pdf
Administrative Officer - Health Dept.pdf
Administrative Officer - Mental Health.pdf
Administrative Secretary City of Olean.pdf
Administrative Secretary.pdf
Administrative Services Supervisor.pdf
Administrator for Technology (BOCES).pdf
Admissions Coordinator.pdf
Admissions Specialist.pdf
Aging Services Aide.pdf
Aging Services Clerk.pdf
Aging Services Planner.pdf
Aging Services Specialist.pdf
Aging Services Technician.pdf
Airport Maintainer.pdf
Animal Control Officer- CSC- 01-25-2023.pdf
Apprentice Line Worker.pdf
Assessment Aide-CSC 3-29-2023 Final.pdf
Assessment Data Clerk.pdf
Assessment Records Clerk.pdf
Assessment Records Supervisor.pdf
Assessor (City, town or village).pdf
Assessor (RPTS).pdf
Assessor Trainee.pdf
Assessor's Aide.pdf
Asset Manager -CSC 1.24.24.pdf
Assistant Arborist- CSC 1.24.24.pdf
Assistant Bacteriologist.pdf
Assistant Bridge Construction Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Controller (Department of Nursing Homes) Draft.pdf
Assistant County Attorney.pdf
Assistant County Payroll Specialist.pdf
Assistant Director of Nursing Services.pdf
Assistant Fire Chief.pdf
Assistant Food Service Manager-Dietitian Assistant.pdf
Assistant Highway Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Leisure Time Activities Director.pdf
Assistant Library Director.pdf
Assistant Medical Director.pdf
Assistant Program Director - continuing day treatment.pdf
Assistant Public Defender.pdf
Assistant Recreation Area Manager.pdf
Assistant Road Section Supervisor.pdf
Assistant Transportation Supervisor.pdf
Assistant to the Director of Civil Preparedness.pdf
Assistant to the Director of Emergency Services.pdf
Associate Administrator for Clinical Services.pdf
Associate Counsel- APA- CSC- 6-29-22 FINAL.pdf
Asstistant Director of Real Property Tax Services.pdf
Athletic Trainer.pdf
Attendance Clerk.pdf
Attendance Officer.pdf
Audio Visual Assistant-Driver .pdf
Audio-Visual Clerk .pdf
Audio-Visual Equipment Technician .pdf
Audio-Visual Teacher Aide .pdf
Audio-Visual Technician .pdf
Audit Clerk.pdf
Automotive Maintenance Supervisor .pdf
Automotive Mechanic .pdf
Automotive Mechanic Helper.pdf
Automotive Mechanic HelperMaintenance worker.pdf
Bartlett Campus Director.pdf
Behavior Management Coordinator.pdf
Behavior Technician.pdf
Behavioral Anaylst.pdf
Behavioral Specialist or anaylst draft.pdf
Bridge Construction Supervisor .pdf
Bridge Construction Worker.pdf
Bridge Painter.pdf
Budget Director (APA) CSC-5-24-2022 Final.pdf
Building Alterations Coordinator (DGS) - CSC 12-20-23 Final.pdf
Building Attendant.pdf
Building Inspector.pdf
Building Maintainer Pool Operator.pdf
Bus Driver.pdf
Business Manager.pdf
Business Office Adminstrator.pdf
CTE Outreach Coordinator.pdf
Capital Program Coordinator- AHA -CSC 02.28.2024.pdf
Case ManagerFinancial Aide Specialist.pdf
Case Supervisor.pdf
Casework Assistant.pdf
Caseworker .pdf
Caseworker Trainee.pdf
Certification Officer Trainee (1).pdf
Certification Officer.pdf
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.pdf
Certified Welder.pdf
Chief Budget Analyst.pdf
Chief Compliance Coordinator - CSC 12.04.2023.pdf
Chief Development Specialist.pdf
Chief Engineering Technician.pdf
Chief Equity and Diversity Officer (schools) -adopted 6-4-20.pdf
Chief Investigator - DSS.pdf
Chief Planner .pdf
Chief Social Services Examiner.pdf
Chief Wastewater Treatment Plant Oper.pdf
Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator.pdf
Chief of Detectives.pdf
Chief of Operations - Sheriff's Dept..pdf
Chief of Staff to the Chief of Police - CSC- 1.24.2024.pdf
Child Find Assistant.pdf
Circulation Manager.pdf
City Arborist CSC- 12-29-2021.pdf
City Auditor- Olean.pdf
City Engineer - CSC- 10.25.23.pdf
City Historian .pdf
Civil Clerk.pdf
Civil Engineer.pdf
Claims Manager .pdf
Cleaner .pdf
Cleaner-Driver .pdf
Clerk .pdf
Clerk of the Works.pdf
Clinical Laboratory Technician.pdf
Clinical Laboratory Technologist.pdf
Clinical Physician.pdf
Clinical Psychologist .pdf
Clinical Supervisor.pdf
Code Enforcement Officer.pdf
Collection Agent- CSC 1.24.24.pdf
Commercial Driver Class A .pdf
Commercial Driver Class B .pdf
Commissioner of Health .pdf
Commissioner of Public Safety- CSC- 10-06-2021 FINAL.pdf
Commissioner of Social Services .pdf
Communications Coordinator-CSC-12-29-21.pdf
Communications Officer Revised 3.16.17.pdf
Community Arts Coordinator.pdf
Community Development Program Coordinator.pdf
Community Engagement Clerk 10.25.23.pdf
Community Health Nurse.pdf
Community Mental Health Nurse .pdf
Community Mental Health Worker .pdf
Community Services Aide.pdf
Comprehensive Grant Administrator.pdf
Comptroller-City of Salamanca.pdf
Computer Lab Assistant.pdf
Computer Operator .pdf
Computer Operator-Programmer .pdf
Computer Operator-Programmer Trainee .pdf
Computer Programmer .pdf
Computer Programmer Trainee .pdf
Concrete Construction Supervisor .pdf
Confidential Secretary to the Administrator of Assigned Counsel.pdf
Confidential Secretary.pdf
Conservation District Agricultural Technician.pdf
Conservation District Field Manager.pdf
Conservation District Technician.pdf
Constable .pdf
Constituent Services Assistant - CSC - 10.26.22 FINAL.pdf
Construction Equipment Operator.pdf
Controller - BOCES .pdf
Controller - Dept. of Nursing Homes .pdf
Cook .pdf
Cook-Manager - County Jail .pdf
Cook-Manager .pdf
Coordinator for Integration of Arts & Extracurricular Events.pdf
Coordinator of Child Support Enforcement.pdf
Coordinator of Services for the Aging.pdf
Correction Officer .pdf
Correction Sergeant.pdf
Correctional Alternatives Specialist.pdf
Corrections Lieutenant.pdf
County Historian .pdf
County Payroll Specialist.pdf
County Youth Bureau Director .pdf
Court Attendant City of Olean.pdf
Court Clerk .pdf
Court Officer (Towns).pdf
Court Officer Trainee .pdf
Court Officer.pdf
Crime Victims Advocate- CSC -1-25-2023.pdf
Custodian .pdf
Custodian-Buildings and Grounds Maintainer.pdf
Custodian-Mechanic Helper .pdf
Data Analyst- CSC- 1.24.24.pdf
Data Collector.pdf
Data Control Clerk.pdf
Data Control Coordinator.pdf
Data Control Supervisor.pdf
Data Entry Operator - revised 11-23-20.pdf
Data Integration Technician (BOCES).pdf
Data Integration Technician.pdf
Day Care Aide.pdf
Day Care Assistant.pdf
Day Care Center Coordinator.pdf
Day Care Center Supervisor.pdf
Dental Hygienist.pdf
Dep. Commissioner of Social Services.pdf
Dep. Director of Weights and Measures.pdf
Dep. Director, Community Mental Health Services.pdf
Dep. Sheriff First Sergeant.pdf
Deputy Budget Director.pdf
Deputy Commissioner of Recreation 1 18 24.pdf
Deputy Corporation Counsel- CSC- 12.20.23.pdf
Deputy County Administrator.pdf
Deputy County Fire Coordinator.pdf
Deputy County Treasurer II.pdf
Deputy Director of Emergency Services.pdf
Deputy Director of Enforcement (APA)- CSC- 6-29-2022 final.pdf
Deputy Director of Information Services.pdf
Deputy Director, Personnel & Labor Relations.pdf
Deputy Human Resources Director - CSC-12.04.2023.pdf
Deputy Personnel Officer.pdf
Deputy Probation Director (Group B).pdf
Deputy Public Health Director.pdf
Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics.pdf
Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant.pdf
Deputy Sheriff Sergeant.pdf
Deputy Sheriff.pdf
Detective Lieutenant.pdf
Detective Sergeant.pdf
Development Specialist - 55a.pdf
Development Specialist for Agricultural Business.pdf
Development Specialist.pdf
Development and Tourism Specialist.pdf
Diesel Mechanic Driver.pdf
Diet Technician.pdf
Digital Print Shop Manager.doc.pdf
Digital Printing Technician Assistant.pdf
Digital Printing Technician.doc.pdf
Digital Project Technician (BOCES).pdf
Digital Resources Support Specialist (BOCES).pdf
Director of Administrative & Fiscal Services.pdf
Director of Community Development CSC- 3-01-23.pdf
Director of Community Mental Health Services.pdf
Director of Community Services.pdf
Director of Data Processing.pdf
Director of District Community Schools (ASD) 9-27-23.pdf
Director of Economic Dev., Planning, & Tourism.pdf
Director of Educational Technology and Information Systems.pdf
Director of Engineering.pdf
Director of Facilities III.pdf
Director of Finance (APL)- CSC- 1-29-22.pdf
Director of Fiscal Operations - CSC - 6.29.22.pdf
Director of Human Resources (APL)- CSC- 1-29-22.pdf
Director of Human Resources- CSC - 8.25.23.pdf
Director of Income Programs.pdf
Director of Information Services.pdf
Director of Information Technology Services.pdf
Director of Integrated Education Operations- CSC- 9-27-23.pdf
Director of Marketing - COA CSC- 12.20.23.pdf
Director of Motor Vehicle Bureau.pdf
Director of Nursing Services.pdf
Director of Operations- APA- CSC- 12.20.23.pdf
Director of Patient Services.pdf
Director of Payroll Administration CSC-2-23-22.pdf
Director of Personnel and Labor Relations - BOCES.pdf
Director of Personnel.pdf
Director of Programs and Supportive Services- CSC- 12-29-21.pdf
Director of Public Works (City of Olean).pdf
Director of Public Works.pdf
Director of Real Property Tax Services.pdf
Director of Services- Community Services.pdf
Director of Social Services.pdf
Director of Sustainability- CS- 10-06-2021 Final.pdf
Director of Treatment Services- Community Services.pdf
Director of Weights and Measures.pdf
Director of facilities I.pdf
Director of facilities II.pdf
Director, Department of Nursing Homes.pdf
Director, Department of the Aging.pdf
Director, Veterans' Service Agency.pdf
Distance Learning Specialist (BOCES).pdf
Dog Control Officer (DCO).pdf
EDP Aide (BOCES).pdf
EDP Operator.pdf
EEO Compliance Officer- CSC- 4-28-2022 FINAL.pdf
Early Care Services Coordinator.pdf
Educational Communications Aide.pdf
Educational Interpretor.pdf
Educational Materials Aide (BOCES).pdf
Electric Department Supervisor.pdf
Electrician's Assistant.pdf
Electronic Equipment Clerk.pdf
Electronic Equipment Technician (BOCES).pdf
Eligibility Worker.pdf
Emergency Medical Services Coordinator.pdf
Emergency Medical Services Training Director.pdf
Emergency Medical Technician Health Dept.pdf
Emergency Service Coordinator.pdf
Emergency Services Communications Manager - CSC 10-10-23.pdf
Emergency Services Communications Specialist (Sec. 55a).pdf
Emergency Services Dispatch Supervisor CAD Admin.pdf
Emergency Services Dispatcher.pdf
Employee Benefits Assistant.pdf
Employee Benefits Clerk.pdf
Employee Benefits Specialist.pdf
Employment Specialist.pdf
Employment and Training Assistant.pdf
Employment and Training Counselor.pdf
Energy Conservation Technician.pdf
Energy Manager- CSC 10-06-21 Final.pdf
Engineer - CSC 5-24-2022 Final.pdf
Engineering Aide.pdf
Engineering Drafter.pdf
Engineering Technician.pdf
Environmental Health Director.pdf
Environmental Health Technician.pdf
Environmental Planner.pdf
Envisioneering Center Technical Director.pdf
Equipment Operator III - CSC 6-24-20 DRAFT 8.20.22.pdf
Exec. Dir. Catt-Alleg Service Delivery Area (JTPA).pdf
Executive Assistant - DNH .pdf
Executive Deputy Commissioner of Administration- 12-29-21- CSC- final.pdf
Fabrication Supervisor.pdf
Fair Housing Officer- CSC- 5-31-2023.pdf
Family Support Worker.pdf
Financial Aid Examiner .pdf
Financial Analyst - CSC- 7-25-23.pdf
Fire Apparatus Mechanic - CSC-4.26.23.pdf
Fire Captain.pdf
Fire Chief (City of Olean).pdf
Fire Chief (City of Salamanca).pdf
Fire Lieutenant.pdf
Fire Marshall.pdf
First Assistant County Attorney.pdf
First Sergeant Corrections .pdf
Fiscal Manager.pdf
Fleet Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Food Service Helper .pdf
Food Service Manager (Schools).pdf
Food Service Manager.pdf
GIS Coordinator.pdf
GIS Specialist DPW.pdf
General Manager.pdf
Geographic Information Systems Manager CSC- 12.20.23.pdf
Graduate Fellow.pdf
Grant Administrator (schools).pdf
Grant Administrator.pdf
Graphic Artist .pdf
Graphic Design Coordinator (BOCES).pdf
Grounds & Mechanic's Helper.pdf
Grounds Helper.pdf
Guidance Counselor Assistant.pdf
HVAC Specialist BOCES.pdf
HVAC Specialist.pdf
Hauling Supervisor.pdf
Head Cleaner.pdf
Head Cook.pdf
Head Custodian.pdf
Head Nurse.pdf
Head School Bus Driver.pdf
Head Social Services Examiner.pdf
Health Administrator - Social Services.pdf
Health Aide.pdf
Health Education Assistant.pdf
Health Program Aide.pdf
Health Program Assistant .pdf
Heavy Equipment Operator -Water Maintainer (City of Olean).pdf
Heavy Equipment Operator.pdf
Highway Engineer.pdf
Highway Maintenance Worker.pdf
Home Care Dietitian.pdf
Home Delivered Meal Coordinator.pdf
Home Health Aide.pdf
Home-School Coordinator.pdf
Hospitality Aide.pdf
Housekeeping Aide.pdf
Housekeeping Supervisor.pdf
Housing Outreach Specialist (AHA) CSC 3-29-2023.pdf
Human Resources Director Olean City School District.pdf
Human Resources Director.pdf
Human Resources Specialist (BOCES).pdf
Human Resources Specialist (Cities).pdf
Human Resources Specialist Trainee (Cities).pdf
Human Resources Specialist Trainee.pdf
Human Resources Specialist.pdf
In-School Audio-Visual Equipment Technician.pdf
Index Clerk.pdf
Industrial Programs Specialist.pdf
Information Systems Administrator (Schools).pdf
Information Systems Administrator .pdf
Information Technology Manager CSC- 12.04.23.pdf
Information Technology Administrative Coordinator.pdf
Information Technology Manager CSC - 2023-12-04.pdf
Information Technology Project Coordinator.pdf
Information Technology Specialist.pdf
Information-Research Specialist.pdf
Inservice Training Coordinator.pdf
Insurance Manager- CSC 1.24.24.pdf
Insurance and Workers Comp Analyst.pdf
Insurance and Workers Comp Coordinator.pdf
Intensive Case Manager.pdf
Interim School Business Executive.pdf
Internal Suspension Aide.pdf
Investigator (Risk Management ).pdf
Investigator(Human Resources).pdf
Investigator(Public Defenders Office).pdf
Jail Cook.pdf
Jail Physician.pdf
Jail Superintendent.pdf
Janitor (City of Salamanca).pdf
Job Developer.pdf
Junior Accountant.pdf
Junior Compliance and Network Specialist.pdf
Junior Engineer CSC 3-01-2023.pdf
Junior Policy Analyst CSC- 3.01.23.pdf
Keyboard Specialist .pdf
Keyboard Specialist II.pdf
Labor Relations Specialist - BOCES .pdf
Labor Supervisor CSC 04-28-2022 FINAL.pdf
Laboratory Director.pdf
Laboratory Helper.pdf
Laboratory Quality Assurance Manager.pdf
Laboratory Supervisor.pdf
Laboratory Technician.pdf
Laborer - DPW.pdf
Laborer II.pdf
Laborer-seasonal .pdf
Land Surveyor.pdf
Laundry Worker.pdf
Law Graduate.pdf
Law Intern (County Attorney).pdf
Law Intern.pdf
Leisure Time Activities Aide.pdf
Leisure Time Activities Director.pdf
Leisure Time Activities Specialist.pdf
Leisure Time Activities Worker.pdf
Librarian I.pdf
Librarian II.pdf
Library Aide.pdf
Library Assistant.pdf
Library Clerk.pdf
Library Director I.pdf
Library Director II.pdf
Library Manager.pdf
Library Technician - 2500-4999.pdf
Library Technician.pdf
Library Typist.pdf
Licensed Practical Nurse - School.pdf
Licensed Practical Nurse.pdf
Licensed Social Worker (Comm. Mental Health).pdf
Lifeguard Supervisor.pdf
Line Helper.pdf
Line Worker.pdf
Local Coordinator.pdf
MDS Assistant.pdf
MDS Coordinator - Copy.pdf
MDS Coordinator.pdf
Maintenance Mechanic.pdf
Maintenance Supervisor (APA) CSC- 7-25-23.pdf
Maintenance Worker.pdf
Manager of Facility Services.pdf
Marina Attendant.pdf
Marina Maintenance Manager .pdf
Marketing Brand Communication Coordinator.pdf
Marketing Brand & Communication Specialist.pdf
Marketing Coordinator- APA-CSC- 1-25-2023.pdf
Marketing Coordinator- COA CSC- 02.28.24.pdf
Medicaid Coordinator.pdf
Medical Administrator (County Jail).pdf
Medical Billing Clerk.pdf
Medical Director - Public Health.pdf
Medical Director for Public Safety.pdf
Medical Director.pdf
Medical Records Clerk.pdf
Medical Records Coordinator.pdf
Medical Records Technician.pdf
Medical Services Specialist.pdf
Medical Social Worker.pdf
Medical Technician.pdf
Medical Technologist.pdf
Medication Assisted Treatment Coordinator.doc.pdf
Mental Health Therapist.pdf
Mentoring Program Coordinator.pdf
Message Center Operator.pdf
Microcomputer Specialist.pdf
Microcomputer-Payroll Coordinator .pdf
Microfilm Records Clerk.pdf
Motor Equipment Operator.pdf
Motor Vehicle Application Examiner.pdf
Motor Vehicle Cashier.pdf
Motor Vehicle Office Supervisor.pdf
Motor Vehicle Representative.pdf
Municipal Bingo Inspector.pdf
Museum Curator.pdf
Neighborhood Specialist CSC 3-29-23.pdf
Network Coordinator .pdf
Network-Systems Administrator.pdf
Nurse Aide in Training.pdf
Nurse Aide.pdf
Nurse Practitioner (Womens Health).pdf
Nurse Practitioner.pdf
Nurse Supervisor (Jail).pdf
Nurse Supervisor.pdf
Nursing Home Administrator .pdf
Nursing Home Medical Director.pdf
Nutrition Program Assistant I.pdf
Nutrition Program Assistant II.pdf
Nutrition Program Director (Aging).pdf
Nutrition Program Director (WIC).pdf
Nutrition Services Coordinator.pdf
Nutrition Site Manager.pdf
Occupancy Assistant.pdf
Occupational Therapist.pdf
Occupational Therapy Assistant.pdf
Office Aide.pdf
Office Manager.pdf
Office Mananger City of Olean.pdf
One Stop Manager.pdf
Operations Manager (DPW) .pdf
Paralegal (Public Defender).pdf
Paralegal - BOCES.pdf
Paralegal Assistant.pdf
Parent Advocate.pdf
Parking Enforcement Officer.pdf
Parking Lot Attendant.pdf
Parking Meter Attendant.pdf
Parks Maintainer (City of Salamanca).pdf
Parks Maintainer I (City of Olean).pdf
Parts Manager.pdf
Parts Specialist.pdf
Payroll Benefits Clerk (Gowanda School).pdf
Payroll Specialist-Nursing Homes.pdf
Payroll Specialist.pdf
Permit Technician CSC 1-25-2023.pdf
Personal Care Aide Level II.pdf
Personnel & Safety Clerk - Public Works.pdf
Personnel & Safety Trainer.pdf
Personnel Assistant - BOCES.pdf
Personnel Assistant - Schools adopted.pdf
Personnel Assistant.pdf
Personnel Clerk (BOCES, Schools).pdf
Personnel Clerk.pdf
Personnel Coordinator (DNH).pdf
Personnel Officer.pdf
Personnel Scheduler (DNH).pdf
Personnel and Labor Relations Specialist .pdf
Phlebotomist (Hth. Dept.).pdf
Physical Therapist.pdf
Physical Therapy Aide .pdf
Physical Therapy Assistant .pdf
Physicans Assistant.pdf
Physician (Health Dept.).pdf
Pistol Permit Clerk.pdf
Planner (Historic Preservation)_2023_Final.pdf
Plumbing Inspector.pdf
Police Cadet CSC-1-25-2023.pdf
Police Captain.pdf
Police Chief (City of Olean).pdf
Police Chief (City of Salamanca).pdf
Police Chief-Town of Ellicottville.pdf
Police Chief-Towns.pdf
Police Chief-Village of Allegany.pdf
Police Chief-Village of Franklinville.pdf
Police Chief.pdf
Police Lieutenant.pdf
Police Matron.pdf
Police Officer.pdf
Police Sergeant.pdf
Pre-School Program Coordinator.pdf
Principal Account Clerk.pdf
Principal Administrative Services Clerk .pdf
Principal Library Clerk.pdf
Privacy, Security and Compliance Officer.pdf
Probation Assistant.pdf
Probation Collections Clerk .pdf
Probation Director (Group A).pdf
Probation Director (Group B).pdf
Probation Monitoring Technician.pdf
Probation Officer I Trainee.pdf
Probation Officer I.pdf
Probation Supervisor I.pdf
Procurement Programs Clerk.pdf
Procurement Specialist - CSL Sec 55-a.pdf
Procurement Specialist.pdf
Procurement Technical Assistance Center Program Manager.pdf
Program Administrator.pdf
Program Aide (Indian Education).pdf
Program Director (Clinical Services).pdf
Program Director for Case Management Svcs..pdf
Program Director for Case Management Svcs.pdf
Program Director for Child and Family Svcs..pdf
Program Director, Continuing Treatment .pdf
Program Director, PROS.pdf
Project Coordinator (APA) CSC 3-28-2023.pdf
Project Director (Indian Education, title IV-A).pdf
Project Management Director CSC - 2023-12-04.pdf
Property Tax Clerk (Treasurer Office).pdf
Property Tax Clerk.pdf
Property Tax Specialist.pdf
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (Comm. Mental Health).pdf
Public Defender.pdf
Public Health Director.pdf
Public Health Educator.pdf
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coord..pdf
Public Health Emergency Preparedness Director.pdf
Public Health Nurse .pdf
Public Health Sanitarian Trainee.pdf
Public Health Sanitarian.pdf
Public Health Technician .pdf
Public Information Officer (APL) - CSC- 7.25.23.pdf
Public Information Specialist.pdf
Public Safety Administrator.pdf
Public Works Foreperson - CSC - 8.24.22.pdf
Public Works Officer Supervisor (City of Olean).pdf
Public Works Superintendent.pdf
Purchasing Agent (BOCES).pdf
Quality Assurance Nurse Educator.pdf
Re-Entry Specialist.pdf
Real Property Analyst Assistant.pdf
Real Property Analyst.pdf
Real Property Technician.pdf
Reception Clerk.pdf
Receptionist (ASD)- CSC- 6-29-22.pdf
Records & Inventory Clerk.doc.pdf
Records, Receiving, and Inventory Clerk .pdf
Recreation Area Manager.pdf
Recreation Attendant - Skateguard.pdf
Recreation Attendant.pdf
Recreation Center Assistant--part-time.pdf
Recreation Center Assistant.pdf
Recreation Center Senior Assistant.pdf
Recreation Director.pdf
Recreation Facility Manager 10-27-21 Final.pdf
Recreation Field Manager 10-27-21 Final.pdf
Recreation Leader (City of Olean).pdf
Recreation Leader.pdf
Recreation Program Assistant.pdf
Recreation Specialist (City of Olean).pdf
Recreation Specialist.pdf
Recycling Specialist CSC 8-30-23.pdf
Registered Dietician ( Nursing Homes).pdf
Registered Dietician.pdf
Registered Professional Nurse (Comm. Hth. Svcs.) - Copy.pdf
Registered Professional Nurse (Comm. Hth. Svcs.).pdf
Registered Professional Nurse (school) - Copy.pdf
Registered Professional Nurse (school).pdf
Registered Professional Nurse.pdf
Registrar of Vital Statistics.pdf
Rehabilitation Specialist .pdf
Resident Care Coordinator.pdf
Resident Care Liaison.pdf
Resident Care Liasion Supervisor.pdf
Resident Services Clerk.pdf
Resource Coordinator (Handicapped Children).pdf
Resource Specialist.pdf
Retired Senior Volunteer Prog. Dir. .pdf
Risk and Benefits Administrator - BOCES .pdf
Risk and Insurance Manager.pdf
Road Patrol Commander .pdf
Road Section Supervisor.pdf
Safety & Security Coordinator.pdf
Safety & Training Coordinator.pdf
Safety Engineer Trainee.pdf
Safety Engineer.pdf
Safety Technician (BOCES).pdf
Sanitary Landfill Manager.pdf
School Bus Mechanic.pdf
School Business Executive.doc.pdf
School Crossing Guard.pdf
School Lunch Cook.pdf
School Lunch Manager.pdf
School Monitor.pdf
School Nurse.pdf
School Physician.pdf
Secretary to Administrator DNH.pdf
Secretary to Dep. Co. Administrator.pdf
Secretary to the County Attorney.pdf
Secretary to the Commissioner of Public Works .pdf
Secretary to the Director (Dept. of Nursing Homes).pdf
Secretary to the Director, Dept. of Aging .pdf
Secretary to the District Superintendent (BOCES).pdf
Secretary to the Personnel Officer.pdf
Secretary to the Public Health Director .pdf
Security Guard.pdf
Senior Account Clerk (55B).pdf
Senior Account Clerk Stenographer.pdf
Senior Account Clerk Typist.pdf
Senior Account Clerk.pdf
Senior Accountant - CSC- 8.30.23.pdf
Senior Accountant .pdf
Senior Aging Services Specialist.pdf
Senior Aide.pdf
Senior Airport Maintainer.pdf
Senior Assessment Data Clerk.pdf
Senior Asset Manager CSC 10-30-13 Final.pdf
Senior Audit Clerk .pdf
Senior Automotive Mechanic .pdf
Senior Bacteriologist.pdf
Senior Bridge Construction Worker.pdf
Senior Bridge Painter.pdf
Senior Business Development Specialist.pdf
Senior Child Care Aide.pdf
Senior Civil Clerk.pdf
Senior Civil Engineer .pdf
Senior Clerk.pdf
Senior Comm. Mental Health Worker.pdf
Senior Communications Specialist.pdf
Senior Compliance Coordinator - CSC 12-29-21.pdf
Senior Compliance and Network Specialist.pdf
Senior Computer Operator.pdf
Senior Computer Programmer.pdf
Senior Court Officer.pdf
Senior Custodian.pdf
Senior Data Entry Operator.pdf
Senior Dispatcher.pdf
Senior Educational Materials Aide (BOCES).pdf
Senior Electronic Eqpt. Technician .pdf
Senior Electronic Equipment Technician (BOCES).pdf
Senior Emergency Services Dispatcher.pdf
Senior Employment and Training Coordinator-Counselor.pdf
Senior Employment and Training Coordinator.pdf
Senior Engineering Aide.pdf
Senior Engineering Technician.pdf
Senior Fellow.pdf
Senior Food Service Helper.pdf
Senior Graphic Artist (Boces).pdf
Senior Human Resources Specialist.pdf
Senior Index Clerk Typist.pdf
Senior Index Clerk.pdf
Senior Investigator (Risk Managment).pdf
Senior Investigator (Soc. Serv.).pdf
Senior Investigator - Social Services.pdf
Senior Labor Relations Specialist - BOCES .pdf
Senior Labor Relations Specialist.pdf
Senior Laboratory Technician - Serology.pdf
Senior Laborer (APA)-CSC- 3-30-22 Final.pdf
Senior Lifeguard.pdf
Senior Line Worker.pdf
Senior Maintenance Mechanic .pdf
Senior Medical Billing Clerk.pdf
Senior Medical Technologist.pdf
Senior Microfilm Records Clerk.pdf
Senior Nutrition Program Assistant (WIC).pdf
Senior Personnel & Labor Relations Specialist.pdf
Senior Personnel Assistant (BOCES).pdf
Senior Personnel Clerk .pdf
Senior Planner (Historic Preservation ) - CSC - 10.26.22.pdf
Senior Planner.pdf
Senior Printer.pdf
Senior Probation Officer.pdf
Senior Program Fellow - CSC-12.04.2023.pdf
Senior Property Tax Clerk.pdf
Senior Public Health Sanitarian.pdf
Senior Receptionist.pdf
Senior Records & Inventory Clerk.pdf
Senior Regional Planner.pdf
Senior Safety Technician (BOCES).pdf
Senior Services Coordinator- CSC- 12-29-2021.pdf
Senior Social Services Examiner.pdf
Senior Social Worker - CSC- 12.04.23.pdf
Senior Stenographer.pdf
Senior Systems Analyst-Programmer.pdf
Senior Telecommunications & Procurement Specialist.pdf
Senior Traffic Sign Maintainer.pdf
Senior Transfer Station Operator .pdf
Senior Typist.pdf
Senior WIC Program Aide.pdf
Senior WTPO City of Olean.pdf
Senior Wastewater Treat Plant Oper (City of Olean).pdf
Senior Wastewater Treat Plant Oper.pdf
Senior Water Maintainer.pdf
Senior Water Meter Specialist.pdf
Senior Work Site Supervisor.pdf
Server Administrator (ASD) 9.27.23 - CSC.pdf
Sewage Treatment Maintainer.pdf
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator (Type C Plant).pdf
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator (Vill. of Gowanda).pdf
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator Trainee.pdf
Sewer Camera Truck Operator -CSC- 12-21-22.pdf
Sewer Maintenance Repair Worker - CSC- 12-21-2022.pdf
Shop Supervisor.pdf
Sign Painter.pdf
Sign Technician.pdf
Site Manager.pdf
Social Media Digital Content Assistant.pdf
Social Services Attorney .pdf
Social Services Examiner Trainee.pdf
Social Services Examiner.pdf
Social Services Investigator.pdf
Social Work Assistant (Comm. Mental Health).pdf
Social Work Assistant (DNH).pdf
Social Work Consultant (Health).pdf
Social Worker I.pdf
Social Worker II.docx.pdf
Special Education Aide.pdf
Special Education Coordinator.pdf
Special Events Communications Coordinator - CSC-11-22-21 Final.pdf
Special Events Operations Manager-CSC-11-22-21 Final.pdf
Special Operations Auxiliary Employee CSC 3.29.2023.pdf
Special Patrol Officer.pdf
Speech Pathologist.pdf
Staff Client Liaison.pdf
Staff Psychiatrist (Comm. Mental Health).pdf
Staff Psychologist (Comm. Mental Health).pdf
Staff Social Worker (Comm. Mental Health).pdf
Staff Social Worker (Public Defender).pdf
Stop-DWI Program Coordinator.pdf
Stores Clerk .pdf
Street Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Street and Sewer Maintainer I.pdf
Street and Sewer Maintainer II.pdf
Streets Superintendent.pdf
Streets and Parks Supervisor City of Olean.pdf
Structural Engineer.pdf
Student Advocate.pdf
Student Data Control Clerk.pdf
Student Worker.pdf
Substance Abuse Counselor.pdf
Summer Supervisor .pdf
Superintendent of Bldgs and Grounds .pdf
Superintendent of Fleet Ops and Maintenance .pdf
Superintendent, Facilities and Operations (DNH).pdf
Superintentent of Buildings and Grounds (Department of Nursing Homes).pdf
Superivising Public Health Nurse.pdf
Supervising Community Health Nurse- Draft.pdf
Supervising Community Health Nurse.pdf
Supervising Community Mental Health Nurse.pdf
Supervising Engineer - CSC - 10.24.22.pdf
Supervising Licensed Practical Nurse.pdf
Supervising Psychologist (Comm. Mental Health).pdf
Supervising Soc Svcs Examiner - II.pdf
Supervising Soc Svcs Examiner.pdf
Supervising Social Services Attorney.pdf
Supervising Social Worker (Comm. Mental Health).pdf
Supervising Support Officer.pdf
Supervisor of Electrical Installations.pdf
Supervisor of Operations.pdf
Support Officer.pdf
Switchboard Operator.pdf
Systems Analyst-Programmer - DSS .pdf
Systems Analyst-Programmer(Boces).pdf
Systems Analyst-Programmer.pdf
Tax Map Clerk.pdf
Tax Map Clerk Typist.pdf
Tax Map Drafter.pdf
Tax Map Technician.pdf
Teacher Aide.pdf
Technical Support Specialist.pdf
Technology Compliance Specialist.pdf
Technology Compliance and Network Specialist.pdf
Technology Coordinator (Gowanda School).pdf
Technology Coordinator (Schools).pdf
Technology Coordinator.pdf
Technology administrative coordinator.pdf
Teen Center Director - CSC 04-28-2022 FINAL.pdf
Telecommunications Specialist.pdf
Television Production Assistant.pdf
Televsion Broadcast Producer-Reporter (BOCES).pdf
Therapeutic Activities Aide - revised.pdf
Therapeutic Activities Aide.pdf
Therapeutic Activities Worker.pdf
Therapy Aide.pdf
Therapy Attendant.pdf
Tourism Assistant.pdf
Tourism Specialist.pdf
Town Comptroller.pdf
Town Engineer.pdf
Town Highway Superintendent (Appointed).pdf
Town Historian.pdf
Traffic Control Engineer.pdf
Traffic Sign Maintainer.pdf
Training Coordinator Resource Attorney (Administrator of Assigned Counsel).pdf
Transfer Station Operator.pdf
Transport Officer.pdf
Transportation Aide.pdf
Transportation Clerk - (Schools).pdf
Transportation Coordinator - DSS.pdf
Transportation Coordinator.pdf
Transportation Supervisor.pdf
Tuberculosis Consultant.pdf
Typist-Teacher Aide.pdf
Unit Supervisor - Aging.pdf
Unit Supervisor - DSS.pdf
Van Driver.pdf
Veterans Service Officer.pdf
Victims Advocate.pdf
Village Assessor.pdf
Village Historian.pdf
Violence Prevention Coordinator CSC 10-25-23.pdf
Vocational Instructor.pdf
WIC Nutritionist.pdf
WIC Peer Counselor.pdf
WIC Program Aide.pdf
WIC Program Supervisor.pdf
Ward Clerk.pdf
Waste Management Analyst.pdf
Waste Management Coordinator.pdf
Wastewater Plant Maintenance Worker.pdf
Wastewater Treatment Plan Operator-Maintenance Mechanic I.pdf
Wastewater Treatment Plan Operator-Maintenance Mechanic II.pdf
Wastewater Treatment Plant Oper Trainee.pdf
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Chief.pdf
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator.pdf
Water Maintainer.pdf
Water Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Water Maintenance and Operation Worker.pdf
Water Meter Specialist.pdf
Water Resource Specialist S&W Conservation District.pdf
Water Resource Specialist.pdf
Water Sewer Maintenance Supervisor.pdf
Water Treatment Plan Operator (Towns & Villages).pdf
Water Treatment Plan Operator Trainee.pdf
Water Treatment Plan Operator-Maintenance Mechanic I.pdf
Water Treatment Plan Operator-Maintenance Mechanic II.pdf
Water Treatment Plan Operator.pdf
Water and Sewer Superintendent.pdf
Watershed Operations Technician- CSC- 11-22-21.pdf
Website Operator (Schools).pdf
Website Technician (BOCES).pdf
Website Technician.pdf
Wellness Coordinator.pdf
Work Experience Supervisor.pdf
Working Foreman.pdf
Working Supervisor.pdf
Worksite Supervisor (Adult Program).pdf
Worksite Supervisor.pdf
Youth Bureau Administrative Officer.pdf
Youth Bureau Director.pdf
Youth Bureau Program Coordinator.pdf
Youth Bureau Worker.pdf
Youth Bureau and Recreation Program Coordinator.pdf
Youth Program Leader.pdf